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Wintersemester 1999-2000

Wintersemester 1999-2000

  • David Chapman (Ph. D. student at Cambridge)
    Aspects of Crucifixion in Ancient Judaism

  • Dr. Seyoon Kim (faculty of Fuller)
    Isaiah 42 and the Call of Paul

  • Dr. P. J. John (Pastor and Professor from Singapore)
    A Lesson from Pietism on Re-Formation

  • Jürgen Nickel (Gemeinde member who had just completed a year as an exchange student at Durham)
    Paul’s Use of Joel 2:32 in Romans 10

  • Soon Bong Choi (Korean doctoral student)
    Der traditionsgeschichtliche Hintergrund von Galaterbrief 1:6-9

  • Keith Myrick ( Church of Christ pastor studying in Tübingen)
    Thoughts on the Judging of the World in 1 Corinthians 6:2

  • Dr. Beth Langstaff (Recent Ph. D. from Princeton)
    Baptism and Spirit in Calvin’s Exegesis of the Acts of the Apostles

  • Dmitrij Boumajnov (Russian Orthodox Ph. D. student)
    Die Vita des seligen Apa Aphu von Pemdje: Versuch einer Interpretation