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Visiting the Institute

If you are planning on visiting the Institute either for a day or for a period of time for study, please complete the following:

  1. Check our Booking Calendar for availability.

  2. Fill out the Online Application Form. Contact us for password

  3. Take a look at our Guest Room.

  4. Find more information on travel options, as well as the location of the Institute under Directions.

We hope that the information below will also be helpfull as you explore the beautiful city of Tübingen and work on your research here.

The City of Tübingen

Tübingen, with its picturesque location on the Neckar River, is one of the most beautiful cities in Germany. The modern city is built around the well-preserved and lovingly-restored Old Town, which contains buildings dating back to medieval times. The marketplace, the castle (Schloss), the main church (Stiftskirche), and the riverfront all attract visitors.

Tübingen is a university town, and has been one for over 500 years, since the Eberhard Karls University was founded in 1477. Today about one-third of the city's 83,000 inhabitants--28,000 in all—-are students, making Tübingen the German city with the lowest average age (39.1 years / December 2015) and giving it a cheerful bustle and cosmopolitan character.