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Birgit Hallmann

by Beth Langstaff

SYMPOSIUM, 1-3 October 2018 / “The Lord’s Prayer / Das Vaterunser”

We are preparing for the next Symposium to be held in Tübingen in October. The symposium will focus on the Lord’s Prayer in the context of Judaism, the New Testament, and early Christianity. As in 2014, the symposium is being organized and sponsored by Prof. Michael Tilly (Tübingen), Prof. Loren Stuckenbruck (Munich) and Beth Langstaff (Institute). Once again, we have invited speakers from other regions of the world (e.g. Eastern Europe, North America, Israel, South Africa) and from a variety of religious traditions (Protestant, Roman Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish). A sample of speakers and topics…

Ronald E. Heine, Northwest Christian University, Professor Emeritus of Bible and Theology, (USA): “Ask for the Great Things: Origen’s understanding of the Lord’s Prayer”
Dennis Lindsay, Northwest Christian University, Vice President for Academic Affairs and Professor of Biblical Studies, (USA): “Pistis and Prayer in the New Testament”
Rodney Werline, Barton College, Professor of Religion and Philosophy, (USA): Redactions of the Lord’s Prayer and Ideals of Piety in Second Temple Judaism”
Cana Werman, Professor Dept. of Jewish History, (Israel): “The Lord’s Prayer in the Context of First Century Judaism”
Judith H. Newman from the University of Toronto will be giving an evening lecture on “Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread”: Teaching and Time in the Lord’s Prayer”.

Other speakers include: Wilfried Eisele, Kasper Bro Larsen, Hermann Lichtenberger, Ulrich Mell, Tobias Nicklas, Konstantin Nikolapoulos, Karl-Heinrich Ostermeyer, Gerd Steyn, Benjamin G. Wold.